This is mostly so I have something to write in the blank when people ask for a website. I imagine it will be mostly photos, but I may want to write. Today I do.

I was talking to a friend about how different the art world is from the artists themselves. I said that the art world is masquerades and champagne and artists are honesty and beer. I want my work to be, beyond all else, honest. I have trouble accepting work that is too controlled or neat because it reminds me of a Japanese geisha, studying the rituals and dressing up in the attire. That is not honesty to me, I want to see the blemishes and clumsiness. 

In my work, I do not try to hide stray marks or mismatched colors. I may paint over them, but I do not try to "repair". Because of this the process becomes apparent and you can see the past of the painting; it becomes a chart of timed movements. That is locography.